Hi Startups!

Battling through the COVID crisis, we believe that the Filipino philosophy of bayanihan or teamwork is beneficial in working together to fight the pandemic and helping each other stay afloat during these uncertain times. We’re glad to be a part of the #SupportStartups initiative to help fuel the engine of the Southeast Asian startup ecosystem and power through the current turmoil to keep our businesses above water amid the crisis.

#SupportStartups aims to support entrepreneurship and empower our community through continuous brand exposure to sustain business operations while strengthening customer relationships.

While we’ve all been caught off guard, we shouldn’t allow COVID-19 to get the best of us. This can be a truly pivotal moment where startups can leverage their agility, ingenuity, and grit to better serve our community and become an integral part of the fight against the pandemic. With dynamic collaboration, we can get through whatever hurdles thrown our way!



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