We offer our initial verification service for free. Upon verification of basic online seller information, we award the initial Pawn badge. Once a seller earns a Pawn badge, it will be listed in the Seller Directory of verified sellers, and have access to the buyer communication channel (i.e., query, feedback, complaint forms).

In addition, those that sign-up through the #SupportStartups channel, will get 1 credit for accessory piece or additional badge. Just tell us "I #SupportStartups" when we contact you to verify your information.

CheckMade is an independent third-party accreditation body that verifies the legitimacy of sellers and evaluates their positive attributes, rewarding and recognizing them through the award of CheckMade Badges, listing in the Seller Directory, and access to communication channel.

Through CheckMade, online businesses can enhance their brand value by assuring buyers of their legitimacy, and demonstrating other positive attributes. This is crucial especially considering online fraud has been virulent in this pandemic.

We aim to combat online fraud and enhance security in the e-commerce market. We are committed to enabling a culture of purchasing diligence and business transparency.

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